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My name is Liz Wong and I am a Somatic Practitioner. I offer SE and Therapeutic Personal Training sessions.

"I combine all that I have learnt and experienced to support people to heal and regain wholeness within themselves. In doing so, they can experience a sense of calm, increased capacity and life mastery."

I have over 20 years experience in the health and fitness industry. I have worked in the UK and abroad as a Personal Trainer, manager, mentor, lecturer and examiner. I have B.Sc in Sports Science and a M.Sc in Psychology and Health. 

I have always been interested in the root cause of physical pain. This has led me to study more therapeutic approaches to training people through corrective mobilisations and exercise.

In 2012, the sudden death of my best friend changed my life. I had a very mystical experience which led me to explore death and dying, and I also experienced deep shock and trauma, which led me to Somatic Experiencing.

I began to go further into my studies of Shamanic practices, Tibetan buddhism and energy work. I trained as an End of Life Doula, and co-hosted Death Cafe's in London. At the same time, my SE sessions taught me a lot about my nervous system, how I respond to stress and what had been held in my body for decades.

I completed the 3 year Somatic Experiencing Practitioner course in 2021. During this training I began bringing in SE concepts to my personal training clients which made a significant different in the way they moved. 

Now, I help people to cultivate a different relationship with their bodies and what it stores. Expanding their capacity to be with life, they find their own agency and are able to re-write their past to allow a different story to emerge, one with hope, possibility and wholeness.

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