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Therapeutic Personal Training

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I combine over 20 years of experience as a Personal Trainer where my main focus has been to get people out of pain, with the SE® method to offer a therapeutic approach to exercise and wellness. 

I offer an alternative to the "bootcamp" style personal training where I take into account your nervous system and where you're at. When we slow things down a little and relax when exercising, we actually get to experience more of the exercise. Same can be said with life! I also look at how you move, address muscle imbalances and activate key muscles that may have motor sensory amnesia.

Ideal for those who:

  • are apprehensive about exercise or having a personal trainer

  • are ready to move again post surgery/injury/trauma

  • have on-going physical pain/discomfort 

  • want to have more regulation/parasympathetic/rest/repair/yin

  • find their current exercise routine, overly wears them out 

These sessions are an exploratory journey. By grounding and regulating our bodies to begin with, movement takes on a different meaning, a different experience. We are no longer exercising to tone up and lose weight, we are moving to inhabit our bodies and pay attention to what is held in the muscles and joints.


What to expect

Below are 3 phases outlining how I work. All clients begin with the foundational phase. Clients move to different phases when appropriate and sometimes this will depend on where someone is at on the day. 

Foundational Phase - The Essentials:

  • Learn to ground and regulate/relax the body. We don't have to have a deep tissue massage or hold stretches in uncomfortable positions to soften and relax the body. Through simple, mindful exercises, your whole system can relax in its own time.

  • Learn your pre-exercise/mobilisations. These consist of ways to release tight muscles/areas  and strengthen weak muscles/areas that are individual to you.

  • Activate postural and core muscles

Intermediate Phase - Time to Move:

  • The foundational phase will still be important but now we build on coming into movement

  • Introducing the Primal Movement Patterns such as Squats, Lunges, Bend, Pull, Push and Twist

  • Exercises will be performed at the basic level. For example, squat movements are done lying on your back and progressed when appropriate

  • We come back to grounding and regulating exercises in between the bigger movements

Advanced Phase - Bringing it all together

  • Primal Movement Patterns become more dynamic and intensity can increase

  • In one session, I may weave between the different phases

  • Again, we come back to grounding and regulating exercises in between the bigger movements

Online Sessions will require: - space - the size of a yoga mat is plenty. 

foam roller

exercise bands


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