Somatic Wellness sessions combine therapeutic personal training with the principles of Somatic Experiencing (SE), breath-work and embodiment practices.

There are 3 parts to the session:

1. RESET the nervous system by using rest postures to ground and regulate the nervous system. Settling any activation within the system before commencing exercise.

2. REVIVE & RESTORE the body by releasing over-active muscles and reactivating dormant muscles through corrective mobilisations and exercises.

3. REST the body returning to rest postures.


Throughout the session, I will guide you to keep awareness of your internal landscape so that you become familiar with how your muscles respond to movement. 

Benefits of a session:

- Regulated Nervous System so you can come out of Stress/Fight/Flight, into Rest/Repair

- Relaxed and settling for body and mind

- Reduced tension 

- More capacity for the day ahead

- More grounded and sense of self

- Present, being in the now

- Less foggy-minded

£70.00 for 55 minute Online session

Requirements: A mat or comfortable floor space to lie down on where you have enough room to stretch out your arms. Skype/Zoom.